Blue on one side,
Chios Island on the other side.

On one side is the marina, Chios Island on the other, green as far as the eye can see, blue as much as possible, an infinite view of Çeşme...

We do not know about the researches, no reason to speak precisely, but; it is a view adding life to the life, an all curing landscape...

Brew the tea if you want or listen to Müzeyyen Senar… Live this view to the fullest.

Endless blue, endless joy

Marinera Çeşme offers everything in the same project with its environmentally sensitive architecture, terraces, social areas, restaurants, spa, sport center, massage rooms, swimming pools. But this is not enough; also with private beach and ZEN gardens it offers more than your expectations.

Terrace gardens on every floor

Because of Marinera's unique horizontal architecture, each apartment is like an independent life ... There will be only you and Çeşme in the own terrace gardens of the apartments. The project is surrounded by green areas and parks, which consists of 74 apartments 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 on 2 parcels, 6 blocks having 12,5 m building, 3,10 gross ceiling height. Marinera's car parks are completely underground, which will be entrance +3 floors. Through this, there are no vehicles inside the site, meaning that the vehicle do not even enter the view and there is a direct exit from the parking lots.

Thermal is yours, spa is yours

A full-fledged thermal cure center awaits you in the Marinera...

Pools, massage rooms, add pleasure to your pleasure in a high level spa.

Unique Horizontal Architecture

Because of horizontal architecture, every apartment has its own terrace and endless sea view. There is always pleasure and joy in Marinera

In addition to Chios Island and Çeşme Marina views, there is a huge green area all around Marinera, surrounded by olive trees. Also ZEN garden, SPA and kids pool add an extra value to the project.

Optional and amazing social life

Çeşme’s unique and amazing social life offers you all kinds of fun and joy.

Chat with friends? Gets better with delicious appetizers… Dance with friends till the morning?

Will be better with wonderful atmosphere.

A romantic night with love?

Stars are shinning for you

Cold water of Çeşme is
waiting for you

Having sun bath, jump into the water.… only 30 m away from Marinera

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